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Acquire knowledge via Audio and Video Chat Events. Acquchat is a management and marketing production company for online and in person blockchain business and investor events.

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Businesses and solution providers must be immersed in the latest trends and possibilities provided by emerging innovations to realize their full potential.

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Our inspiring panels and roundtable speakers offer new approaches and concepts you need to unleash your creative spirit.

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Our events are designed to create a “social network” of thoughts that let people communicate ideas, concepts and collaborative problem-solving.

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Expert Panels and Roundtables on the latest Digital Technologies and advancements

Daniel Norkin

Daniel Norkin A thought leader and pioneer in innovative technology, Daniel Norkin has built his reputation as someone who keeps his projects cutting edge. He co-founded Envision Blockchain Solutions, a full-service consultancy and Blockchain systems integrator. By adopting transformative technologies Envision Blockchain Systems has helped organizations set themselves up for long term success.

James Haft

James Haft has been at the forefront of the global emerging markets Merchant Banking, Investment banking and venture capital industries for over 30 years, focusing on product-market fit, business development and liquidity strategies for early-stage disruptors and investors. He has been an advisor to over 100 venture-backed and blockchain-based entities and is the founder of PALcapital Founded in 1996.

Jane Nguyen

Jane Nguyen is a marketing, operational and business development professional who has worked with executives, entrepreneurs and service providers at all levels and across multiple industries. Jane currently leads Global Development and Relations at PALcapital, a merchant bank focused on advising and investing in businesses leveraging distributed ledger technology and the digitization of information and value.

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