is a social networking event series designed for CEOs with time-sensitive projects. CEO’s that need to promote and market their business to attract HNW investors and make business connections with professionals who want to socialize, join an active support group, build lifelong friendships and develop strong business connections.


Check our network calendar today and rsvp to our next networking cocktail event! Promote/market your business your way, we’re here to help CEO’s! Networking, Email, PR, Video, Social media marketing and in person video networking speaking appearances, choose one or all!
We welcome CEO’s in EV, clean tech, social impact, Fintech,biotech,Ai/NFT/MetaVerse Web3.0/Entertainment industries, Investors, c-suite managers, industry professionals like accountants, financial advisors, attorneys are welcome to RSVP!

We invite CEOs, CFO’s, CXOs, investors, and entrepreneurs who don’t just want to socialize and network but build:1- life long term relationships 2- a support networking group, 3-form business strategic partnerships and exclusively present at our and NYC active asset funder exclusive family office/financial partner network for CEO’s only!


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Organized by and, is a Event management and production company

New Trends

Businesses and solution providers must be immersed in the latest trends and possibilities provided by emerging innovations to realize their full potential.

Creative Speakers

Our inspiring panels and roundtable speakers offer new approaches and concepts you need to unleash your creative spirit.

Network Share Thoughts

Our events are designed to create a “social network” of thoughts that let people communicate ideas, concepts and collaborative problem-solving.

Join our Partner Network

Our global network of partners is a rich ecosystem of organizations that work together to design unique and special events, join our network as a media partner, speaker, sponsor or exhibitor.

Our Sectors

Ai/Fintech Sector

Metaverse/NFT Sector

Clean Energy EV

Complete our Active Asset Funder survey. Our Network leverages human and resource capital to create a targeted audience for your niche product or service.

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Our Sponsors

Become a Sponsor! We customize in person and virtual events that support our Sponsors so they connect with our attendees.

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